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Les massages

Massages at the hotel

Complete your moment of relaxation in the hotel's sauna with one of our treatments proposed by our professional masseuse.

Useful information

Massages are to be booked before your arrival at the hotel.

  • Well-being massage - 60 minutes 75 €: The method of this massage comes from the "Sensitive gestalt massage" which brings physical and psychic appeasement, promoting the sensory awakening of the body and allowing the spirit to blossom.

  • Discovery Massage - 45 minutes 55 €: Classic modeling that relaxes thanks to an association of traditional techniques.

  • Back massage: 30 minutes 40 € This massage allows a muscular relaxation of the back by gentle movements, deep and unifying.

  • Leg massage: 30 minutes 40 € This massage stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

  • Facial massage: 30 minutes 40 € This massage provides extreme relaxation of the face and therefore the mind: "Emotional well-being".

  • Ayurvedic Massage: 70 minutes 85 € Native to India, this massage practiced with warm sesame oil, makes the senses travel and rebalances body and functions.

Relaxation with Laurence

Individual session "Stress management": 1 hour - 90 €

This session will allow you to evacuate tensions, to find a well-being by restoring a balance between body and mind.

Program of the session

  • Muscle relaxation / Muscle relaxation
  • Access to its resource location
  • Deepening the state of relaxation
  • Metaphor "spring cleaning"
  • Anchoring resources
  • Back in "here and now"

Debriefing on feelings

Tips for "managing stress" in everyday life