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Escape Game: The Mystery of the Secret Laboratory 🔍🔬


🔬 Synopsis: Welcome to the secret laboratory of the famous scientist Dr. Cléry Adam. You and your team have been selected to unravel the mysteries behind these locked doors. Dr Cléry has mysteriously disappeared and rumours are circulating about forbidden experiments and revolutionary discoveries. You have exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to solve the riddles, decipher the codes and open the safe before it's too late!

🔍 Objective: Find clues scattered around the laboratory, solve scientific and technological puzzles, unlock safes and secure cabinets, and decipher Dr. Cléry's cryptic notes to discover what really happened and escape the laboratory before time runs out.

🧩 Challenges : You'll be faced with a series of stimulating challenges, such as manipulating scientific apparatus, solving chemical puzzles, finding hidden codes in complex formulas, and much more. Be prepared to use your deduction, logic and observation skills to succeed!

👩‍🔬 Team : Gather your team of researchers, up to 300 strong, and work together to pool your talents and knowledge to solve the puzzles and unlock the secrets of the laboratory.

💡 Advice : Stay vigilant, listen carefully to the clues given by the game master and don't forget that the key to your success lies in communication and cooperation.

🏆 Reward: The teams who manage to solve the mystery and escape before the time runs out will be honoured as heroes and receive a special reward from Dr. Cléry himself!

Are you ready to take up the challenge and unlock the secrets of this mysterious laboratory? Join us for a captivating adventure where science meets enigma!


/ Beer Brewing Workshop :
Discover the Art of Brewing Your Own Beer!

🍺 Description : Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of craft beer brewing at our hands-on workshop, where you'll learn the basics of beer brewing and get the chance to brew your own batch of beer with the help of our expert brewers!


🔬 Process : Discover the different stages in the beer brewing process, from the selection of ingredients to fermentation, mashing and boiling. Learn how to use professional brewing equipment, measure ingredients accurately and control brewing parameters to obtain quality beer.


🍻 Styles : Explore a variety of beer styles, from ales to lagers to speciality beers, and learn the distinctive characteristics of each style. Our experienced brewers will share their knowledge of the ingredients and techniques specific to each style to help you create a beer that suits your tastes.


👨‍🔬 Hosted by : Our expert brewers will be on hand to run the workshop, answer all your questions about brewing beer, share brewing tips and tricks, and guide you through each stage of the brewing process.


🍺 Collaboration : Work as a team with other beer enthusiasts to brew your own batch of beer. Share ideas, collaborate on recipes and enjoy an unforgettable brewing experience that will strengthen your passion for craft beer.


🎉 Atmosphere : Immerse yourself in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere, where a passion for beer blends with camaraderie. Meet other beer lovers, share your experiences and discover the pleasure of brewing your own beer.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to become a home brewer and create your own craft beer! Join us for an unforgettable beer-brewing workshop and give free rein to your brewing creativity. Cheers!

/ Mixology workshop: Explore the Art of Cocktails with us!

🍹 Description : Join us for a unique sensory experience where you'll discover the secrets of mixology and learn how to create exceptional cocktails that will impress your friends and tantalise your taste buds!


🍸 Tasting : Explore a world of exquisite flavours with a tasting of premium spirits, artisanal liqueurs and fresh ingredients. Learn to distinguish the aromas, notes and nuances of each ingredient and discover how to combine them to create balanced and delicious cocktails.


🔥 Techniques: Master the basic and advanced techniques of mixology, from mixing and stirring to garnishing and presentation. Our experienced mixologist will share his tips and advice for creating cocktails that are both aesthetically pleasing and tasty.


🍹 Creativity : Give free rein to your creativity by experimenting with different ingredients, flavour mixes and cocktail styles. Learn how to personalise classic recipes and create unique cocktails that reflect your own style and taste.


👨‍🍳 Hosted by : Our professional mixologist will be on hand to lead the workshop, answer all your questions about cocktails, share anecdotes about the history of mixology and guide you through each stage of cocktail creation.


🎉 Atmosphere : Immerse yourself in a lively and friendly atmosphere, where creativity meets camaraderie. Meet other cocktail enthusiasts, share your experiences and discover new recipes that will awaken your senses.


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