/ Massages

Our professional masseuse offers a range of treatments designed for your well-being. Take advantage of your stay at Château Cléry to release tension...


  • Wellness Massage - 60 minutes 90 € : The method of this massage comes from the "Sensitive gestalt massage" which brings physical and psychic appeasement, favouring the sensory awakening of the body and allowing the spirit to blossom.
  • Discovery Massage - 45 minutes 70 € : Classic massage that relaxes thanks to a combination of traditional techniques.
  • Back massage: 30 minutes 65 € This massage relaxes the back muscles with gentle, deep and unifying movements.
  • Leg massage: 30 minutes 65 € This massage stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
  • Facial massage: 30 minutes 65 € This massage provides extreme relaxation of the face and therefore of the mind: "Emotional well-being".
  • Ayurvedic massage: 70 minutes 105 € Originally from India, this massage, performed with warm sesame oil, takes the senses on a journey and helps to rebalance the body and its functions.

Massages must be booked prior to your arrival at the hotel.

/ Relaxation

Relaxation with Laurence

Individual Session "Stress Management": 1 hour - 90€.
This session will allow you to evacuate tensions, to find a well-being by restoring a balance between body and mind.

Programme of the session

  • Muscle relaxation / Relaxation musculaire
  • Access to its resource location
  • Deepening the state of relaxation
  • Spring cleaning" metaphor
  • Resource anchoring
  • Back in the "here and now
  • Debriefing on feelings
  • Tips for "managing stress" in everyday life